Regular Maintenance Service

Our trained technicians will brush sides and steps, vacuum the bottom, skim the surface, clean skimmer and pump baskets, check system pressure and backwash accordingly, test the water chemistry, and make necessary adjustments. Some cleaning services are performed using our own unique, specialized equipment, featuring the Aquanica Powervac.

There are two maintenance services available: Twice-Weekly Maintenance and Weekly Maintenance.

Twice-Weekly Maintenance

The Twice-Weekly Maintenance Service includes a total of 32 visits (Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday).

All chemical products (chlorine, salt, balancers, and shock) are included, so there is no more need to purchase or store hazardous pool chemicals in your home.

Salt water pools benefit from our Ocean Salt program, which delays corrosion, increases bather comfort, increases sanitizer efficiency through protection from UV rays, enhances the efficiency of the salt generator system, and minimizes scale build-up.

A Water Balancing Service (and Salt Start-up for salt pools) must be reserved in order to qualify for this "products-included" service.

Extra Options, Additional Cleanings, Decontamination Treatments, and Stain Treatments are available at extra cost.

Weekly Maintenance

The Weekly Maintenance Service includes a total of 16 visits (Wednesdays). All chemicals will be supplied as needed and delivered by Aquanica to be stored on your premises, and charged to you accordingly. This allows you to more easily perform the maintenance and chemical adjustments to your pool between our visits.

Once-a-week cleaning clients are expected to maintain chlorine levels and to perform some cleaning between our visits.

All chemicals, Extra Options, Additional Cleanings, Decontamination Treatments, and Stain Treatments are available at extra cost.

Off-Season Maintenance

To complete your Aquanicare Supreme service, or to complement your Maintenance Service, you can book additional Off-Season Maintenance cleanings (at once a week) at the time of your contract signing.

Use our Off-Season Service to maintain your pool from the date of your pool Opening to the start of your Maintenance Service.

Use our Off-Season Service again to maintain your pool fromthe end of your Maintenance Service to the date of your pool Closing.

Vacation Cleaning

When you need to go away for a little while, or if you just need some extra help with the pool, you can book our Vacation Cleaning service (once a week) for any weeks within our season.